Monday, August 23, 2010

Halali Dam, Vidisha & Raisen

As per book, Hydrological and water resources of India by Sharad K Jain, Pusphpendra K Agarwal and Vijay P Singh Halali dam is a rolled filled earthen dam located both in Vidisha and Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It is constructed across Halali river a tributary of Betwa river. Halali dam is known as Samrat Ashok Sagar Project. It is 945 m long with maximum height of 29.57 m above the foundation level. Catchment area of the project is 699 sq. km of which is 25 % is hily, rest is plains. 

It is about 47 kilometers from Bhopal’s New market and towards Sanchi. The stretch of 30 kilometer is nice as it is Sanchi road but when one turns left for last 8 kilometers, it is difficult non motorable road which will take you about an hour. In rainy season the last stretch can get difficult.

The dam has a MP tourism hotel which has about 3 – 4 rooms, nice ambience, play ground for children. They say it has it has water sports, which am not sure as no one was their. Hotel charges Rs 10 as an entry fee per person ! (interesting). But the major problem is electricity - it did not had electricity for last 3 days !!. For the best view of the dam do see it from the road on the dam then the Hotel.

Environmental issues with Halali reservoir

As per environmental research journals edition of June 2006 a paper on Study of heavy metal contamination in Halali Dam water of Vidisha district near Bhopal (M.P.) India with reference to human health by S.A. Iqbal and H.C. Kataria¹ talks of most common and widespread danger, associated with Halali Dam water is contamintaion of heavy metal by sewage and other organic matters or excrements. Water of Halali reservoir is used for drinking as well as irrigational purpose, its water is polluted by man made activities e.g. sewage disposal industrial and natural contaminant mixes into water heavy metals.

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